Greetings and Salutations

This campaigns regales the exploits of the Emperor’s agents known to a select few only as his Children.

The rules being used are a modified version of John Wick’s Wilderness of Mirrors and focus on highly skilled individuals who are asked to complete missions which will secure the safety of the Empire.

The game focuses on the decisions that characters make when being given a mission. Character’s can use their social, physical, mental or martial skills as they see fit to solve problems imposed on them by the GM and sometimes from the players themselves.

Every mission will have some very rough preparation done and a mission outline the players use to construct a plan. Play is conducted by going through each stage of the plan. When players succeed they can define how an action succeeds or fails. Depending on the level of success the GM can modify this narration with further complications to the story.

After the very first mission two of our finest agents, Anthetic and Omarjavi were cast out from the Imperial Family in disgrace and seek to recruit agents to help them protect an Empire that wants them dead.

Children of the Emperor