Children of the Emperor

Escorting the Prince

Who (Lion and Phoenix). The team has been assigned as bodyguards to escort Prince Setai to the Temple of Osano-Wo.

What (Crab and Imperial). The Emperor feels that Prince Setai has become a liability and does nothing to serve the Empire. In fact he feels Setai undermines his rule at every opportunity.

Where (Scorpion and Crane). Therefore the Emperor has asked the Temple of Osano-Wo to foster the Prince for a short time to each him humility and his place in the Empire.

When (Crane and Imperial) – Setai is sent in the Spring of the third year of the reign of Hantei XXXX

Why – The Temple of Osano-Wo is secretly the headquarters of the Emperor’s Children. The Emperor is sending Setai here so the Children can keep an eye on him.

How – The Prince will be escorted overland. It is a long trip for a young prince to take so the team will need to stop along the way. The Temple is in the middle of the Plains of Thunder so sea travel directly there is impossible.

Execution -

Each player will be asked to name an important place to stop along the way. Each place is actually the setting for a mission that will need to be conducted.

At the start of these missions each player will be asked to declare a Thing That Is True about the place being visited. A mission will be constructed from these things. Dice will be given for facts which contribute to the formation of the mission.

Prep Missions In Case Players Cannot Generate Ideas -

Where – The Temple of Ancestors
Why – A Ritual of Forgiveness is being conducted 1 year after the death of General Churo. The Prince has been invited to take part.
Complication – Members of the Daigotsu family steal the Churo Bracers. The Abbess will ask for their return as part of the ceremony and without them the Prince will lose face.

Where – The Thunder Fist Dojo near the Shinomen Forest.
Why – A message was received from the Temple of Osano-Wo asking for military assistance.
Complication – Before proceeding to the Temple the Forest Killer bandits must be dealt with so they can’t assault the party’s rear.

Where – The Temple of Osano-Wo.
Why – The temple is under attack. Mercenaries have been hired to lay the Temple to ashes.
Complication – The attack has been initiated by Assassins from Medinaat al-Salaam. They intend to attack the Gardener. If they discover the Prince is approaching they will try and capture him as well.



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