Shaun's Player Character


Attributes -

Cunning 2 Wisdom 2 Influence 3 Speed 4 Strength 3 Personal 4 Ranged 5

Truths -

Hardened Stomach
Speaks Mekhem
Undying Loyalty from Agents

Persona – Kylar

Position – First Man to Omarjavi’s persona, Porve.


Anthetic’s Shining Moments -

Put a knife to the throat of the Old Man of the Temple immediately upon meeting him. This set up a couple of great Complications at the Oasis.

Recruiting Abdul at the Oasis.

Getting himself and Abdul arrested at the Crooked Saw so they would have closer access to the Avery of the Firebird

Breaking himself out of prison using a lockpick with his toes!

Shining Moments During The New Emperor -

Making General Churo truly bad ass by giving him the ability to catch arrows.


Children of the Emperor Ninjaman