Steve the Pirate's Character


Attributes -

Cunning 4 Wisdom 3 Influence 2 Speed 5 Strength 3 Personal 4 Ranged 3

Truths -

Hardened Stomach
Speaks Mekhem
Bracers of Churo
Owes a Favour to the Mekhemite ship ?

Persona – Porve

Position – Captain of a Merchant Fleet


The New Emperor Shining Moments -

The gift giving ceremony for the new Emperor. Steve almost shit his pants at the thought of offending his host and putting the rest of the party in danger.

Omarjavi’s Shining Moments -

His combats against the Desert Tribesmen at the Oasis and Kamahl Ackar in the Avery of the Firebird.

His naming of the Badger Tooth Sun Inn. That produced a few laughs. (You had to be there).


Children of the Emperor Ninjaman