Tag: Places


  • Dagger Tooth Badger Sun Inn

    An affluent tavern in [[Medinaat al-Salaam]]. People can come here for a drink, some information and a friendly game of cards (friendly as long as you lose).

  • Crooked Saw Inn

    Watering hole for the City Guard of [[Medinaat al-Salaam]]. The City Guard don't like to be disturbed when they're relaxing.

  • Great Desert

    The Great Desert lies to the north of the Empire and takes many weeks to cross. This has left the Empire isolated from many of the cultures that live beyond the Great Desert. The Great Desert is home to several tribes who eke out an existence tapping …

  • Medinaat al-Salaam

    Medinaat al-Salaam lies many days north from the Empire in the centre of the Great Desert. As it sits on an underground water source it is a centre of trade for nations that would otherwise be separated from one another. *Locations Discovered In The …

  • Khol Mountains

    The Khol Mountains make up the northernmost border of the Empire and seperate it from the [[Great Desert]]

  • Desert Temple

    A pyramid structure of red brick located in the [[Great Desert]] near the [[Khol Mountains]]. [[Anthetic]] and [[Omarjavi]] visited this temple on the way to [[Medinaat al-Salaam]]. They managed to steal from the [[Old Man of the Temple]] and then kill …

  • Caliph's Palace

    All we know about the Caliph's Palace at this point is that it houses prisoners in it's lower levels which also connect to the [[Avery of the Firebird]].

  • Avery of the Firebird

    The Avery is a large room below the [[Caliph's Palace]] used to hold the [[houou]]. It was described as a large domed room with sunlight shining through the ceiling. The outer ring of stone surrounded a moat which in turn surrounded a garden. …

  • Temple of Ancestors

    Part of the religion of the Empire is the veneration of a family's ancestors. Most families in the Empire have a shrine dedicated to a prominent ancestor. It could be a family founder or an ancestor who has accomplished an amazing feat. The Temple …